Compulsory microchipping – what it means for you?

Currently over 8,000 dogs in Britain are euthanised each year because they cannot be reunited with their owners. By having their dogs microchipped and keeping contact details up to date with their microchip database, owners greatly increase their chances of being reunited with a missing pet. The microchipping of dogs will become compulsory in England from 6 April 2016 and will aim to stop thousands of dogs needlessly being destroyed. Petlog has launched a new video to showcase the responsibilities of dog owners in England once microchipping becomes compulsory in England in… Read More

Stolen Dog Reunited Despite Travelling 150 Miles In 24 Hours

A three year old dog, stolen from her garden, has been reunited with her loving owner thanks to her microchip and the help of Petlog, the UK’s largest lost and found database for microchipped pets. Tula, a Saluki, was stolen from her back garden, along with another Saluki called Amos, leaving her owner, Julie Johnson from Bishop Auckland, County Durham, distraught. Fortunately Amos was returned shortly afterwards after being found abandoned.   Initially, Tula was not quite so lucky. However, after being found wandering around a delivery depot car park in Warrington… Read More

Lost Dog Reunited Within Half An Hour Thanks To Microchip

Millie reunited thanks to microchip

Millie, a 13 year old deaf Springer Spaniel who went missing recently, was reunited almost instantly with her loving owners, Sonja and Stephen Williams from Beyton, Suffolk, thanks to her microchip.