Happy Ending As Pregnant Abandoned Greyhound And Puppies Are Rehomed

Gracie and newborn pups

Gracie, an abandoned ex-racing Greyhound, found herself in need of a loving home but it wasn’t long before she and her puppies were successfully rehomed thanks to Greyhound Rescue West of England (GRWE).

Kennel Club Charitable Trust Opens Flood Fund For Dogs

A special ‘Flood Fund’ has been set up by the Kennel Club Charitable Trust (KCCT), for those dogs that are in need as a result of the recent floods that have beset the country. The flooding has meant that some people and their dogs have had to leave their homes, whilst others are left marooned and the dogs may be going without food supplies, access to critical veterinary care or medicines. The debris underfoot and ever rising water levels may also be causing dogs injury and damage. The Kennel Club Charitable Trust… Read More

Meet Olly Murs…

In July 2010 this was Olly. He was taken in by a rescue with six other puppies and his mum and dad who were in a dreadful state. He was eight weeks old but looked more like four weeks as he was so thin. All the puppies were all smelly, emaciated, riddled with worms and covered in fleas so bathing, worming and flea treatments all round was a must. At this stage it really was touch and go with Olly and one of his sisters whether they would make it or not… Read More

Lost Dog Reunited Within Half An Hour Thanks To Microchip

Millie reunited thanks to microchip

Millie, a 13 year old deaf Springer Spaniel who went missing recently, was reunited almost instantly with her loving owners, Sonja and Stephen Williams from Beyton, Suffolk, thanks to her microchip.

Discover Dogs is this Weekend

How to donate

We will be at Earl’s Court in London this Saturday and Sunday for Discover Dogs where we will be launching our Kennel Club Breed Rescue 2014 Calendar.

The Story of Icey from Valgrays Border Collie Rescue

Border Collie Rescue Dog

Valgrays Rescue was asked to help a very sad dog called Icey in who was in a Romanian pound. This is not a normal activity for the charity, but the little dog broke their hearts. Through Facebook group members, the charity raised funds to get Icey to England and he arrived on the 10th Feb. Val from Valgrays explains: “Icey was a street dog, but one day he was caught by the dog catchers and he was put into a public shelter and his life was hell, he was left to die,… Read More