Teaching Kids To Interact Safely With Dogs

Kids have a natural curiosity about dogs, but recent statistics show that children under 9 years of age are the group most affected by dog bites and strikes.  So what is being done to reduce dog bite incidents involving children and teach them to understand dog behaviour and interact safely with them? The Kennel Club has launched the UK’s first ever educational resource for primary schools to do just this. The Safe and Sound Quality Kitemark Teaching Resource, funded by the Kennel Club Educational Trust, has been successfully piloted by Robin Hood… Read More

RAF and good dogs raise money for great cause

Two great forces, dogs and the RAF, have come together to make some money for charity!

Good Training Saves Zack The Rescue Dog

Dog training saves rescue dog

Zack, a three year old crossbreed from Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire has turned his life around, from being a bossy alpha male to a happy, energetic, enthusiastic dog, thanks to his loving owner,