Leave a Legacy – Help Change Dogs Lives Forever

A dog’s love is unconditional, and the comfort and joy they bring to people’s lives is beyond measure. We depend on them for their loyalty and companionship, but let’s not forget they depend on us too.

Interesting findings from Kennel Club Charitable Trust Supported Reseach

Kennel Club Charitable Trust: Making a Difference for Dogs

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust donated £10,000 in 2007 to help fund a study by FRAME and the BUAV, which has re-analysed past research into the use of dogs in drug testing. Readers of this blog will be astounded to learn that the study findings, that canines are an unreliable indicator of whether substances will be safe for humans, yet in Europe and the USA approximately 90,000 dogs are used annually. FRAME and the BUAV have undertaken the most comprehensive analysis to date of the predictive value of the dog as a… Read More

Dogs – A Healthy Future

dog health issues video

This film, narrated by Clare Balding,  looks at the issues affecting dog health and wellbeing in this country and what is being done in 2012 to help ensure that dog welfare stays at the top of the agenda.

Puppy Awareness Week: 7-14 Sept

Help us fight puppy farming during Puppy Awareness Week!

We are in Puppy Awareness Week. Do you know how to buy a puppy responsibly? If not then watch this short video!