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A dog’s love is unconditional, and the comfort and joy they bring to people’s lives is beyond measure. We depend on them for their loyalty and companionship, but let’s not forget they depend on us too.

Why I’m Supporting The Kennel Club’s ‘Be Dog Friendly’ Campaign

henriette morrison lily's kitchen

Henrietta Morrison, founder and MD of challenger food for pets brand, Lily’s Kitchen (www.lilyskitchen.co.uk) speaks out on why she is supporting The Kennel Club’s ‘Be Dog Friendly’ campaign and awards as well as providing some insight into some of her own favourite dog friendly places in the UK.

Don’t Cook Your Dog

dog safety dog health

With today’s welcome sunshine, and summer fast approaching, the Kennel Club is warning people that they risk cooking their dogs alive if they leave them unattended in a car. Dogs are extremely sensitive to the heat and should never be left in a car alone, even on a fairly warm or cloudy day. Surprisingly, leaving a car window open or supplying water makes little difference and the dog will suffer, as a car can quickly heat up to around 50°C.

Oscar – The German Shorthaired Pointer Gets A New Lease Of Life

Meet Oscar – a lovely German Shorthaired Pointer. Oscar was found sitting in a car and refusing to move. He was eventually taken to the council kennels by a local dog warden and was given a seven day window until he would have been put to sleep.

The Dog Named Miracle

Crammed into a lorry with hundreds of other dogs, Miracle’s future looked bleak. Matted and diseased, he was one of thousands of animals effected by the dog meat trade. But after dog-lover Amanda Leask spotted a picture of him on Facebook, his fate took a dramatic turn for the better.

Happy Ending As Pregnant Abandoned Greyhound And Puppies Are Rehomed

Gracie and newborn pups

Gracie, an abandoned ex-racing Greyhound, found herself in need of a loving home but it wasn’t long before she and her puppies were successfully rehomed thanks to Greyhound Rescue West of England (GRWE).

Women More Likely To Abandon Their Dogs Than Their Male Counterparts

More dogs abandoned by women than men

Dog welfare crisis looms as lifestyle changes, a lack of training and time are revealed to be the main reasons dogs are rehomed

Helping The Strays Of Sochi

The Winter Olympics in Sochi have raised awareness of the terrible plight of stray dogs in Russia?. After local officials hired an exterminator to kill stray dogs in the run up to the Olympics, businessman, Oleg Deripaska, set up a dog rescue centre called Povodog. The shelter, which sits half an hour from central Sochi, perched at the base of a mountain, quickly filled with dogs and was upgraded to house 250 strays in late February and is working at full capacity. Just some of the dogs that Povodog has rescued and… Read More

Molly Voted UK’s Top Dog Hero At Crufts

Lucy and Molly

Molly, a Cocker Spaniel from Benfleet in Essex, and her owner, Lucy Watts were the special stars of Crufts as Molly was announced as the winner of the Crufts Friends for Life 2014 competition. Molly and twenty year old Lucy were voted the most deserving winners out of five shortlisted finalists by the British public. Lucy has a life-limiting rare genetic illness called ehlers danlos syndrome, which has left her in a wheelchair, needing to be fed into her bloodstream and in a lot of pain. Lucy was isolated, withdrawn and unhappy… Read More

Where the money goes

Last year we contributed nearly £1 million to a wide variety of organisations ranging from universities, re-homing shelters and adoption societies. Click here for a full list of grants given in 2015. Click here for a full list of grants given so far. As a dog charity making a difference to all dogs, we invest funds in three main areas: welfare and support organisations, science and education. To find out more about our work, download our WOOF newsletter. Welfare The Kennel Club Charitable Trust has helped a range of welfare organisations to make… Read More