Stolen Dog Reunited Despite Travelling 150 Miles In 24 Hours

A three year old dog, stolen from her garden, has been reunited with her loving owner thanks to her microchip and the help of Petlog, the UK’s largest lost and found database for microchipped pets.

Tula, a Saluki, was stolen from her back garden, along with another Saluki called Amos, leaving her owner, Julie Johnson from Bishop Auckland, County Durham, distraught. Fortunately Amos was returned shortly afterwards after being found abandoned.


Tula, the Saluki

Initially, Tula was not quite so lucky. However, after being found wandering around a delivery depot car park in Warrington near the M62 by a lorry driver, nearly 150 miles from her home, she was scanned and the microchip database, Petlog, was able to provide the details to help reunite Tula and Julie.

Speaking about the remarkable turn of events, Julie said: “I went through hell after both Tula and Amos were taken. I rang the police and Petlog straight away to let them know they were missing and looked everywhere in the village but there was no sign of them. We think Amos was dumped as he is a lot older than Tula.

“I couldn’t believe it when I got the call to say Tula had been found 150 miles away.  I was distraught when she was taken and I thought I’d never see her again. I don’t let her out of my sight now; I was too scared to take her for walks for a while, as I believe I had been followed home, having just had Tula out for a walk prior to her being stolen. Unfortunately on our return from the walk I had gone to look for a torch in the garden shed and Tula and Amos had followed me into the garden – the thieves must have been hiding behind my garden fence and grabbed Tula and Amos whilst I was in the shed.

“I am so grateful that I had her microchipped and that I kept my contact details up to date with Petlog. Without that and without the support of John and Marie for finding her and Dawn Goulden from Harvey’s Army who scanned Tula and worked with Petlog to reunite us, I never would have found her 150 miles away.”

Julie set off on a 300 mile round trip to collect Tula. She continued: “It definitely had an effect on Tula – she wasn’t herself at all. She was very subdued, wouldn’t play with her toys, wouldn’t go out into the garden, and from that day on she has slept upstairs beside me, where I believe she feels safe.

“It was definitely a targeted theft, as five dogs, mainly Salukis, were stolen within the same timeframe throughout Bishop Auckland, Tula has been the only one to have been reunited, as none of the others were microchipped. I’m so lucky she was microchipped otherwise I may never have seen her again. It really doesn’t bear thinking about.”

Celia Walsom, Executive at Petlog said: “It is incredibly distressing for the owner when a pet goes missing and especially when they are stolen. We were delighted to help Tula be reunited with Julie.  It was Julie’s quick thinking of calling Petlog and confirming her contact details were up to date that helped get Tula home so quickly.”

If you would like to find out more about microchipping your pet, visit the Petlog website:


One Comment on “Stolen Dog Reunited Despite Travelling 150 Miles In 24 Hours

  1. There is a dog that went missing three years ago and in December the man who bought the dog from Gumtree wanted to change the microchip details. It turns out Petlog knew two years ago that the dog had been scanned and found but they never contacted the owner. Now Petlog can’t help reunite the dog and the original owner is in the process of having to go through the courts to prove ownership and get her dog back home even though her dog is registered in her name, the microchip registration papers are up to date and the dog was flagged as missing. Is there something KC can do to change this situation? This is not the first time this has happened.

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