You and Your Dog

Would you like to be involved in a photography project for a great cause?

Photographer, Ursula Roxy Aitchison is taking pictures of dogs and their owners for her latest project ‘You and Your Dog’, and you could be a part of it.

Her project, ‘You and Your Dog’ is all about the wonderful connection between people and their four-legged friends and she is currently looking for more people to get involved.

Credit - Ursula Roxy Aitchison

Credit – Ursula Roxy Aitchison

She plans on turning her collection of images into a book, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the Cinnamon Trust, who help elderly and terminally ill people with their pets. The Cinnamon Trust have a wonderful network of volunteers that help to look after pets for the elderly or terminally ill. For more information on the charity visit

If you would be interested in being involved in the project do get in touch with Ursula via her email or check out more of her pictures on her Instagram page @you_and_your_dog

Credit - Ursula Roxy Aitchison

Credit – Ursula Roxy Aitchison

Sounds like a fantastic project! We can’t wait to see the book.


12 Comments on “You and Your Dog

  1. I have a beautiful staffy called tash. These dogs needs to be seen in a good light

  2. I would like to be involved I’m 12 and I got my dog for my birthday she’s a yellow labrador and she’s just passed her good citizens award along with the help of my mum my dog Bella was just 8 months when she passed

  3. Hello, I’d be interested in taking part in your photo shoot with my pooch 😊


  4. I have a rescue laucher, who loves his photo been took. He’s a lovely friendly dog, but not without his issues, would be nice for the breed to be recognised as a good family dog and not just a dog that kills bunny’s. He’s loves learning new tricks and learns very fast. Everyone that meets him loves him straight away. Would be fantastic to have him in a photo shoot, that would help people, would be away for mojo to give back to people.

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