Help save dogs’ lives! Rescue charity faces closure if money cannot be raised in six weeks

If you’ve ever wanted to help save a dog’s life but never knew how – now is your chance!  A charity which rescues abandoned or unclaimed stray dogs from being destroyed is appealing for urgent donations to save it from closure.

Safe and Sound is a registered charity which has so far saved the lives of lots of dogs but is now struggling with funding which could see it shutting down in as little as six weeks if the required £10,000 funding is not found in time.   The charity has had to close its doors to urgent new intakes from certain areas, and without a cash injection, will soon have to close its doors to dogs from the three pounds which currently rely exclusively on Safe and Sound.

The charity is at the front line of ‘death row’ dog rescue, specialising in short term crisis management for unclaimed strays in council pounds.  While rehoming centres concentrate on finding permanent homes, their work focuses on ensuring the immediate safety and wellbeing of stray dogs in crisis.  They provide emergency accommodation, urgent veterinary treatment and residential behavioural support.  They also work to arrange placements with rescue centres across the UK and transporting death row dogs to safety using their extensive, fully funded network of volunteer animal transporters.

Billy tummy rub

But this great work requires money and the charity is really struggling.  The charity says the number of dogs being put to sleep nationwide rose to an estimated 9,000 last year and a growing proportion of dogs coming into the UK’s pound system are finding it very hard to get back out alive.  With rescues full to capacity, it is extremely difficult for them to get death row dogs into rehoming rescues before their put to sleep dates.  As a result, they have had to double their emergency boarding provision in order to prevent loss of life.  This year, the trend appears to be continuing: since April, Safe and Sound’s kennel bills have gone up by a further 50%.

Any donations would be massively appreciated – the charity needs to raise a minimum of 3 months’ worth of running costs (a minimum of £10,000) and every little will help.  All donations will really help to save dogs’ lives.

Visit for more info and to donate!

Bonnie, another dog saved by the Safe and Sound charity

Bonnie, another dog saved by the Safe and Sound charity

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