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Oscar – The German Shorthaired Pointer Gets A New Lease Of Life

Meet Oscar – a lovely German Shorthaired Pointer.

Oscar gets a new lease of life thanks to German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

Oscar was found sitting in a car and refusing to move. He was eventually taken to the council kennels by a local dog warden and was given a seven day window until he would have been put to sleep. The German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue heard about Oscar’s plight and rescued him in the nick of time.

The charity, a Kennel Club Breed Rescue, kept in touch with the kennels who mentioned he wasn’t doing very well and in fact said he had refused to let the kennel staff into his kennel and the charity was informed that he would be put to sleep imminently.

Two of their supporters arranged for the Animal Ambulance to take him to a foster kennels and with lots of love and care Oscar started improving.  However not long after he was neutered he became ill with a suspected torsion which resulted in him having emergency surgery but after wonderful care from the foster kennels he was ready to go to his forever home.

Oscar has been in his forever home since the Autumn and when he goes out all the dog walkers know he is only allowed a quarter of a custard cream as a treat and he has become quite a celebrity, a far cry from the dog that was extremely distressed when found in a car refusing to move.

Without the fundraising efforts and the support from the charity’s followers they wouldn’t have been able to save this beautiful German Shorthaired Pointer.

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