Helping The Strays Of Sochi

The Winter Olympics in Sochi have raised awareness of the terrible plight of stray dogs in Russia?. After local officials hired an exterminator to kill stray dogs in the run up to the Olympics, businessman, Oleg Deripaska, set up a dog rescue centre called Povodog.

The shelter, which sits half an hour from central Sochi, perched at the base of a mountain, quickly filled with dogs and was upgraded to house 250 strays in late February and is working at full capacity.

Just some of the dogs that Povodog has rescued and are still looking for homes include Eger, tough-looking guy with a big heart. Despite his rough appearance, 2 year old Eger behaves like a little pup.


Then there is Polkan, a mix of Caucasian Shepherd Dog, strongly-boned and sweet natured. He grabs the attention of everyone who visits.


Big Ben is a 2 year old male dog, named after Big Ben, for his aristocratic manners of a genuine English gentleman.


Zhuzha, a mature 8 year old dog is a long-time resident of Povodog. She’s laid back and a ‘sleep addict’.


The shelter is now planning to expand its capacity to 1000. While at Povodog, the animals receive medical treatment and it is the shelter’s policy that no healthy dogs are killed. Povodog works tirelessly in order to help find good homes for the many Sochi strays both within Russia, as well as internationally; and has already had great successes in rehoming some of the dogs in their care. However, many more are still waiting to find new owners.

According to those that run the centre, stray dogs in Russia are not merely an Olympic problem. The Games have done much to raise the awareness of the plight of strays in the country, but this is only a starting point.  Povodog has secured funding from its founder Oleg Deripaska to have a permanent presence in Sochi, with plans to gradually expand throughout Russia. Work has already begun to create an adoption website, whilst an additional 750 kennels are planned on the existing site. In the near future a second Povodog site will open in Krasnodar.

Those who want more information on Povodog or who want to help a dog in need of a home should visit

If you are interested in adopting a dog email including the following info:

1. Your current location

2. Your permanent place of residence (country, city)

3. What are your reasons for adopting a dog?

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