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Meet Olly Murs…

In July 2010 this was Olly. He was taken in by a rescue with six other puppies and his mum and dad who were in a dreadful state. He was eight weeks old but looked more like four weeks as he was so thin.

All the puppies were all smelly, emaciated, riddled with worms and covered in fleas so bathing, worming and flea treatments all round was a must.

Olly at 8 weeks after his bath

At this stage it really was touch and go with Olly and one of his sisters whether they would make it or not as they were so thin. Allison Clarke from German Shepherd Rescue Elite ( sat up for two days with them syringing goat’s milk into their mouths every half hour until eventually they started to lap for themselves. As the days went on they grew stronger and stronger every day and within 3 weeks were all ready to find new homes of their own.

Allison commented: “Olly had touched my heart from the very beginning and when it came time to let him go I just couldn’t do it and so the story begins.”

In 2012 she registered Olly with the Pets as Therapy so that he could go and visit care homes, hospitals etc and give enjoyment to people who otherwise would have no contact with animals.

In 2013 Olly started going into schools to help children who may be struggling with their reading or just needed more confidence in reading out loud. Olly is now into his second term at Abbey Hill Primary and a new section of children have been chosen to read to him. It has also be requested by the children who read to him previous that he go in early so they can see him, he really has made a real impact on the children involved.

Pets as Therapy is just one of the charities that the Kennel Club’s Bark and Read Foundation supports. For more information on the scheme visit