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Where is Your Puppy From?

We are passionate about stopping puppy farms, and we were delighted to see the Government e-petition, started by Marc Abraham reach over 100,000 signatures. Well done Marc, we hope that this will lead to a promising debate in Parliament.

There are too many stories, like the one in the Daily Mail today, where puppies have suffered and hearts have been broken, due to greedy breeders who only care about making money. We need to change this.

We run Puppy Awareness Week each September to highlight the do’s and don’ts about buying a puppy, we want to reach every potential puppy buyer to stop them fuelling the puppy farm trade. You can find out more by clicking here.

5 Comments on “Where is Your Puppy From?

  1. We recently rescued a 4 year old bitch from a registered breeder. We had previously bought a puppy from her three years ago. The bitch which the breeder GAVE to us was in a dreadful state and we took her to our vet. Her teeth were so bad she had 19 removed after a 10 day course of antibiotics.

    She was covered in her own excrement and had to have 4 baths to get her clean. She had had several ceasarian’s. and when the vet opened her up to spay her there was so much scar tissue he said it was like spaghetti,inside. one of her ovaries was attached to her spleen because of all the scar tissue. She was terrified of everything especially paper and cardboard boxes. we have had her two months now and she is improving daily. she has put on weight. The breeder was supposed to send us the papers to change ownership and now refuses to do so and says she want to keep her registered in her name. Our vet said that if I had not rescued her when I did she would have died because of all of the problems she had and her bad state of health. Could you advise me if this awful woman could claim this dog back. I would fight tooth and nail to keep her.,uk

  2. Hello there as a dog lover I don’t know where to turn at the moment. me and my wife wanted a Dogue de Bordeaux and waited until i retired and my wife finished her degree. we found a breeder put a deposit down, we were paying £1800 for a show potential puppy and only picked our baby up on boxing day 2013. my wife was actually ill before picking him up and wondered should we do so but went ahead. 2 days later my wife rushed into hospital with pneumonia and diagnosed with a serious lung disease, and we had unpredicted personal circumstances beyond our control. as part of the contract between breeder and buyer it did say they wanted the dog back at any age so we gave them first refusal, and they wanted to get him but will not reimburse us. now I could understand if it was an older dog which would be harder to rehome, but they expect us to hand him back at 12 weeks old free of charge only to sell him on again.. not only is this unethical and bad practice, there is no way we will loose this amount of money so not only will this poor pup be staying with who can look after him for me as my wife very ill, I will have to try and sell him myself something I would rather the breeder had done.
    Does the kennel club condone this, as we feel that they have had there money and don’t care even though they say they do, but surely they cannot expect people to loose that amount of money if the circumstances like mine have dictated as much as we are upset, the dog be re-homed asap whilst he is still a baby is in the dogs best interest. I would like to add, he was very much wanted, but I crystal balls were real we could have predicted and prevented this. if they are kennel club registered as they say I think its really bad practise and need some advice please.

    • Hi there, we are sorry to hear about your time of stress and your wife’s illness. We would usually expect the breeder to take the puppy back as a matter of good practice, especially if it was in a contract you had. If they are on the Assured Breeder Scheme you can email us at with more details and we will look into it for you. Many thanks

      • Hello Again

        I cannot see the breeders on your assured breeders scheme which now does not surprise me, but my pups father is from a vey respected kennel known nationally and internationally and they have been great but they are shocked too that the breeders will not offer a refund at such a young age and such extreme circumstances and more shocked they wont refund but will sell on.. this is terrible practice and encourages bad breeding if any dog is sold to just anyone that’s why we wanted him to go back to be re-homed properly.
        can I still email you or help even if they are not part of ABS?
        Many thanks

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