The Kennel Club Charitable Trust

Puppy Awareness Week: 7-14 Sept

We are in Puppy Awareness Week. Do you know how to buy a puppy responsibly? If not then watch this short video!

Kennel Club research has shown a shocking number of people still buying puppies from disreputable sources: one in three revealed their puppies were sourced on internet sites, through social media, in pet shops and newspapers advertisements — all sources popularly used by puppy farmers.

The Kennel Club’s Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a Puppy video looks at the perils of the puppy farming trade, and informs them of the benefits of buying a puppy from a Kennel Club Assured Breeder, who agrees to care for their dogs’ health and welfare and how we can all work together to stop the cruel puppy farming trade.

To find out more about Puppy Awareness Week visit, or to look for puppies bred by Kennel Club Assured Breeders, visit