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5 Minutes with Jackie Wallace (Foxhound Welfare)

What is your job title?

National Welfare Coordinator

What does your job involve?

Everything, at the moment I am transporter, dog walker, cleaner, fundraiser and web designer. I answer phone calls and give advice as well as taking part in education displays at Kennel Club events such as Discover Dogs in London.

What do you like most about your job?

Finding our hounds a lovely match in a forever family.

What do you like least about your job?

The conflict my rescues are met with because everyone has heard of a Foxhound and has an opinion on them but few truly know the breed for more than just hunting.

What would you do if you didn’t do your job?

Honestly this isn’t my job this is my passion, I am a veterinary auxiliary in a busy veterinary hospital. Animal welfare has always been a big part of my life, even growing up I was the ”weird” one at school who would study the animal world more than school subjects, all I wanted to do was work with animals.

Do you have a dog?

Yes, I have four of my own, alongside eleven rescues that are housed with me. I have two Border Collies, aged 15 and 9, and two Foxhounds aged 5 and 9 year.

What advice would you give to people looking to get a dog?

Research. research and more research. After all there are so many wonderful breeds out there, what is ideal for one family may not be for another. Find Information from reliable sources, I spent two years looking into the Foxhound breed before getting my first hound.

Compare people’s personal experiences with the breed, ask lots of questions, a true breed enthusiast will not mind talking about what they are passionate about. I worry if people don’t ask me questions.

If you decided on getting a puppy to join your family, look into your breeder as much as they should vet you out, see how many breeds they breed from, be concerned if they have a few litters at any one point, as how could they do the best for your family member if there are 2-3 different litters to look after.

Get pet insurance and pubic liability insurance, vet bills aren’t going down and today’s world is a hard place for some dog owners.

What is your favourite breed/crossbreed?

Border Collies and Foxhounds.

Tell us a rescue dog tale….

Jigsaw is an eleven month old Foxhound Bitch, a family bought her from a paper at eight weeks old, at four months they wanted us to take her as “they couldn’t cope.”  I had a space available for this girl who was in Ireland and we arranged transport, which the owners paid for.

Getting jigsaw home went well, she settled as if she was always been there, the first few hours we saw her bump into things and lose toys more than a scent hound would. We took her to our experience vet as I felt in my gut her sight wasn’t what it should and the vet confirmed this. Poor Jigsaw is going blind, we are aiming to raise £2,400 to save her sight, if you can help visit: