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The Story of Icey from Valgrays Border Collie Rescue

Valgrays Rescue was asked to help a very sad dog called Icey in who was in a Romanian pound. This is not a normal activity for the charity, but the little dog broke their hearts.

Through Facebook group members, the charity raised funds to get Icey to England and he arrived on the 10th Feb.

Val from Valgrays explains:

“Icey was a street dog, but one day he was caught by the dog catchers and he was put into a public shelter and his life was hell, he was left to die, when we first saw him  he was frozen and had given up.

“When Icey arrived at Valgrays he was in a terrible state, we took him to the vets the very next day and he weighed 9.22kg! He was totally emaciated – the vet put him on medication and it was then down to love, tlc and good care…food…and hope that he would fight and get better.

21st June 2013, Icey now weighs 14.70kg… He is now complete and in perfect health.

“My vet felt he was younger then the age they told us, my vet estimated around 8 years old, the life on the streets had taken its toll on his little life… He was such a sad dog, but we got on with it and he had a nice warm bath.

“Afterwards he felt and smelt a lot better, in just a week, Icey had put on 2kg. Because he is so thin we keep him warm in coats which were donated. One good thing is that Icey had a huge love of food, he had 4 meals a day and just loves eating.

Over the weeks  he slowly improved and his weight and coat condition got better and better, his mental scars are also improving – many nights he would just scream and panic… those days have now gone… as you can now see by the pictures.”

If you think you can help Icey and other dogs like him visit Valgrays Border Collie Rescue or the hundreds of other Kennel Club Breed Rescues.